Current Parent Testimonies

"My husband and I have 4 children and had been homeschooling them from the beginning. We never planned to be a homeschooling family, but when our oldest was 5 and not quite ready for Kindergarten I decided to do a homeschool "pre-school" and we kept going from there! As he was entering middle school I began feeling overwhelmed with the thought of homeschooling high school.

In the mean time, we heard about the UM® program and knew a few people who had children in the program. Everything we heard about the program was positive! I had graduated from Living Word Academy many years ago and even taught there before having children so felt a sense of connection to the school.

I realized that I could sign my son up for high school classes at various co-ops and spend my days transporting him to homeschool co-ops or send him to LCCS where he would still get 2 days a week at home and I could still be involved in his education!  It was a win-win!

This year we have 2 sons attending middle school at the UM® Lampeter campus and we have had an amazing experience so far!  The teachers are wonderful...skilled, knowledgable, kind, and most importantly full of Godly character.  The small class sizes provide a perfect learning environment and our boys definitely value their days at home to have some extra time to play guitar and do the things they enjoy.

They have both participated in sports and have found the student body very welcoming and an place easy to make friends.

Financially it is a gift because we can send 2 children to UMS for about the price of sending one to main campus.

We feel so grateful that God led us to LCCS and the UMS program!  it is such a blessing to have a program like this in our community!"
~LCCS UM® Family 

"God gave me three very special children and each has a unique, customized program suited for their level of need, ability, and God given potential here at LCCS.  

It became instantly obvious that LCCS was an answer to our prayers and we were home. The school covers every facet of general academics: reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics: tailoring to each child’s learning capacity, and progress. Within one year of attending LCCS, one of our children had improved two whole grade levels in reading! I attribute this to not only the style of teaching in the regular education classes but also the one-to-one time, environment, and dedication of the special education teachers as they partner with the parents and faculty to customize a program that meets the needs of each of our children."
~ LCCS Assisted Learning Family

"I love being able to have my children at home more thanks to this program. I also like knowing what they're learning and doing in school. This has been a good growing time for me and my children." 
~ LCCS UM® Family 

"We found that this program answered all of our desires: God-focused education that allows the parents to express their God-given responsibilities without monopolizing their time and money. The staff have been consistent with this goal on all levels while providing a challenging education that frequently addresses my child as an individual rather than as a mere number on the class roster. They have been a breath of fresh air." 
~ LCCS UM® Family