Lancaster County Christian School
Traditional High School


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Principal: Becky Sprenkle
2390 New Holland Pike
Lancaster PA 17601
Phone: 717-556-0711
Fax: 717-656-4868

The Traditional high school academic program at Lancaster County Christian School presents levels of instruction that are appropriate for the college-bound student, the general high school student, and the vocational student. The courses offered within the core academic subjects (Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and World Languages) present instruction at varied levels and the elective courses are of an intentionally broad scope that addresses a variety of student talents and interests. This breadth of curriculum is reflective of the school’s mission to graduate followers of Jesus Christ who are skilled in Biblical scholarship and its integration into academics, the arts, athletics, and community; who are prepared for their vocation and higher education; and who reflect His image in life.

Students who wish to take honors or advanced placement courses must have a solid B average in their prior class and teacher recommendation. Students who enroll in honors and advanced placement English classes have required summer reading assignments. These required readings help the student to see what will be expected of them in these challenging courses. They also help the teacher to see the level that each student is at upon entrance into the course. Those enrolled in college prep English have recommended summer reading.