Lancaster County Christian School offers an alternative solution for parents desiring both the gift of time with their children and the services of a Christian school! This additional and cost-effective program is called the University-Model® (UM®), and it opened at the LCCS West Lampeter Campus in the fall of 2012. Sharing the mission of Living Education at LCCS, the University-Model® was developed to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship and achieve a high degree of academic excellence.

University-Model® program highlights include:
  • 180-day schedule combining the central (at school) and satellite (at home) classrooms
  • Instruction and instructional activities directed by the school’s teacher and curriculum
  • Students (K-10) meet 2-3 days in the central classroom and 2-3 days in the satellite classroom
  • Tuition is 40-60% less than traditional tuition
  • The model is accredited by a variety of accrediting agencies around the country
  • LCCS is a transitioning member of National Association of University-Model® Schools (NAUMS;
  • LCCS is the first NAUMS school in PA; NAUMS has 58 schools in 20 states. In addition, there are 15 developing UMS schools. 
LCCS offers both traditional and University-Model® options to families by adding a UM® K-10 offering to its current programs. By 2016, LCCS plans to offer the UM® through 12th Grade alongside its Pre-K-12 traditional model.

Program alignment by campus for 2014-2015 school year:
  • Leola Campus: Traditional Campus Pre-Kindergarten - 12 
  • West Lampeter Campus: University-Model® K-10