Lancaster County Christian School graduates followers of Jesus Christ who are skilled in Biblical scholarship and its integration into academics, the arts, athletics and community; who are prepared for their vocation and higher education; and who reflect His image in life.


Culture of Honor

"Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." -Romans 12:10

At LCCS we endeavor to be grounded in honoring God first, then, as a result, honoring and respecting one another in the way we talk and treat one another. We are committed to being a place where every student and individual is respected, and we all demonstrate God's love as we honor Him and care for others. May God do a work in all of us as we pursue His heart for others.



Lancaster County Christian School is the result of a merger between Lancaster Christian School and Living Word Academy in 2010. Combined, Lancaster County Christian School holds 83 years of experience in Christian education in Lancaster County.

Lancaster Christian School was founded in 1954 by parents whose children later attended the school. Living Word Academy began as a K-6 school in 1981. By 1988, the school had developed grades K-12, and the first graduating class commenced.  

LCCS students will encounter the Living God through the Living Curriculum which prepares them for Living Life. This school will provide outstanding opportunities in Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Assisted Learning.

Lancaster County Christian School offers an alternative solution for parents desiring both the gift of time with their children and the services of a Christian school. This additional and cost-effective program is called the University-Model® (UM®), and it opened at the LCCS West Lampeter campus in the fall of 2012. Sharing the mission of Living Education at LCCS, the University-Model® was developed to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship and achieve a high degree of academic excellence.


School Profile

Board-Owned and Directed
Lancaster County Christian School is owned and governed by a Board of Directors using Policy Governance®. The board of directors is comprised of parents, alumni, and alumni parents of both Living Word Academy and Lancaster Christian School. Management of the school is handled by the Head of School and Administrative Team.

Christ-Centered and Interdenominational

The centrality of Christ provides the framework for the educational process at Lancaster County Christian School. All subjects are viewed through the lens of Scripture because all truth is God's truth. This learning platform leads to a broad understanding of God's purposes and enables students to properly integrate knowledge and conduct.

Lancaster County Christian School welcomes families from diverse evangelical backgrounds and does not promote denominational distinctives. School families represent approximately 100 evangelical churches throughout the area.

Pre-Kindergarten - 12 Program

Lancaster County Christian School offers education to students in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Fully Accredited Program

Lancaster County Christian School is a fully accredited K-12 educational program. LCCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The LCCS University-Model® is certified by the National Association of University-Model® Schools.