University Model® Elementary

LCCS offers an alternative solution for parents desiring both the gift of time with their elementary children as well as the services of a Christian school. This additional and cost-effective program is called the University-Model® (UM®). The University-Model® was developed to preserve and strengthen the God-ordained family relationship and achieve a high degree of academic excellence.

  • Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • 180-day schedule combining the central (at school) and satellite (at home) classrooms
  • Instruction and instructional activities directed by the school's teacher and curriculum
  • Students in grades Kindergarten through 2 meet two days in the central classroom and three days in the satellite classroom. Students in grades 3 through 6 meet 3 days in the central classroom and 2 days in the satellite classroom.
  • UM® at LCCS is accredited by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and certified by University Model® Schools International (UMSI;

UM® Frequently Asked Questions

Will UM® work if both parents are working?
The vision for this model involves the investment of a parent’s time that is compatible with the model’s gift of time to the family. The schedule of the family must be a good fit for the UM® to be successful. If both parents are working, the UM® probably will not be the best fit. The traditional option would be best for families without a parent available to support the satellite classroom (at home) during regular school hours.

What is the schedule for the UM®?
UM is a 180-day program (five days a week).

Kindergarten through grades 2 meet two days in the central classroom (on campus) and three days in the satellite classroom (at home). They are on campus on Tuesday and Thursday.

Grades 3-6 meet three days in the central classroom (on campus) and two days in the satellite classroom (at home). They are on campus on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Does the UM® program offer athletics and fine arts?
Yes, starting in fifth grade students in both the traditional and UM® programs combine for athletics, theater, orchestra, band, and choir.

How does transportation work for the UM®?
The UM® central classroom hours are the same as the traditional program, 8:10 am-2:45 pm. The LCCS shuttle transports students between the West Lampeter and Leola campuses before and after school. There are also many school districts that bus to both campuses.

Are the teachers qualified?
The qualifications for teachers are the same as teachers in the traditional program. This is related to LCCS’ commitment to accreditation standards.

How is the curriculum determined for the UM®?
Curriculum involves discipleship that is not only content-based but also focused on context. The impact of the teacher-student relationship is a key part of this process. Being an accredited school, LCCS has and continues to develop a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that is based on the school’s mission and student and graduate profiles. Curriculum decisions and selection of textbooks are made by department heads and the principal with input from teachers. The textbooks chosen are ones that are the best fit for both the central and satellite classrooms.

Is there academic help available for struggling students?
The Assisted Learning program at LCCS exists through the traditional model only. The UM® elementary students have access to speech, reading, and math support through the IU13.

Are scholarships available for the UM®?
Yes. Families in both models can apply for a scholarship through FACTS. All scholarships are based on financial need. Scholarships rarely exceed 25% of tuition.

What are the payment options for the UM®?
Payment plans are the same, regardless of the model chosen. Parents may pay in full in August, pay half in August and half in January, pay over 10 months (August-May) or pay over 12 months (July-June).

How many hours will a parent be required to facilitate satellite classroom (at home) instruction per day?

  • Kindergarten: 1.5-2 hours
  • Grades 1-6:      2-4.5 hours

Does the UM® offer specials such as PE, art and music?
Yes. Specials are offered as follows:

  • PreK-2nd:    art, music, physical education, library
  • 3rd-6th:       art, music, physical education, information literacy, computer