Financial Aid

All scholarship eligibility is determined by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. The application, required documentation, and $27 non-fundable processing fee should be submitted by April 15.
Once the application is complete, the LCCS Scholarship Committee will prayerfully review the data obtained from FACTS to determine your eligibility. You will be notified of the award according to the schedule below:

  Deadlines for 2018                                        Award Dates
   - Applications submitted by April 15             May
   - Applications submitted after April 15         until funds are gone

Eligibility Guidelines:
These guidelines are for EITC funds; Special circumstances will be considered for LCCS-provided scholarships.
  • Student(s) must reside in the State of Pennsylvania
  • Student(s) must be enrolled in a participating school
  • Family must meet EITC Income Guidelines
          Number of Dependents*              Maximum Income   
                           1                                                 $93,644
                           2                                               $109,525
                           3                                               $124,860
                           4                                               $140,468
                           5                                               $156,076
         each additional dependent                 add $15,608

        * dependents listed on tax return, in addition to the child's parent(s)